Environmental awareness

Physical conferences offer the chance to exchange ideas, know-how and to build new networks very effectively. But they do have a considerable impact on the environment.

Public transport is the greener choice

Transport to an event usually causes the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions of the conference carbon footprint. Commuting between accommodation and the venue adds to the emissions caused by mobility during events. We would like to encourage everyone who is joining the ESA Congress in Potsdam to consider travelling rather by train than by plane. ICE, IC and EC long-distance trains operated by Deutsche Bahn are powered 100 percent by green electricity within Germany. For daily transfers to the venue, please use public transport or alternatives like bike-sharing. For more details, please check our infromation on the venue.

Commit yourself to eco-friendly travelling and spread the word!

You are very welcome to take part in the campaign #unter1000km on social media. It incites voluntary commitments to refrain from short-haul business flights under 1000km distance. Take a picture of yourself during your green business trip and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook under the hashtag #unter1000km. Show your dedication to eco-friendly mobility, share your experiences and set a signal for change! You can find more information in German on the website of the campaign. It has been initiated in 2019 by participants of the K3-congress on climate communication. Scientists for Future Germany are supporting #unter1000km and provide some useful background information on the campaign in English.

Offset your emissions and support climate protection projects

In some cases, travelling by train is not an option. An unreasonably long travel time, lack of convenient train connections or other obstacles might make a flight unavoidable. We recommend compensating resulting greenhouse gas emissions. There are some organisations that are investing your compensation payment into local or global climate protection projects. You can find more information on voluntary CO2-offsetting as well as a carbon calculator on the pages of the Umweltbundesamt (German Federal Environment Agency). Nevertheless, we would like to remind that it is always better to avoid as much CO2 as possible.

Furthermore, also rail journeys cause emissions of greenhouse gas, though in a significantly smaller dimension than travelling by car or plane. You can calculate the emissions of your rail journey with Deutsche Bahn using DB UmweltMobilCheck.

Environmental awareness at the conference

The host of ESA 2022, the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), is registered under the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and has committed to continuously reduce the environmental impact of all its activities.

In order to reduce waste, ESA 2022 will be a paper-reduced conference. The conference program, the conference proceedings and all important information will be made available in an app for mobile devices and on the conference website.

Catering during the conference is provided in the university cafeteria by the Studentenwerk Potsdam. They committed to offer regional and seasonal food products from local farmers and distributors, as far as possible. The choice of local products used in the cafeteria ranges from dairy products, eggs and fish, over fruit and vegetables, to pastries and pasta. The cafeteria offers at least one vegetarian or vegan dish per day. A variety of vegan side dishes or snacks will enable you to compose a plant-based meal. Additionally, you will find fair trade coffee, tea chocolate bars and soft drinks at the cafeteria.