Keynote speakers


Prof. Senthold Asseng
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Senthold Asseng is a professor of Digital Agriculture and the Director of the World Agricultural Systems Center at the Technical University of Munich. An agronomist specialised in wheat he has held positions at Humboldt University of Berlin and at CSIRO in City Beach, Australia, and has been appointed professor at the University of Florida. He is a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project – AgMIP, co-leader of AgMIP-Wheat and chair of the Expert Working Group for Plant and Crop Modeling of International Wheat Initiative.

Prof. Ricardo Bommarco
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Riccardo Bommarco is Professor of agricultural entomology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. His research interests concern insect and plant ecology in agricultural landscapes, and how it affects crop protection, pollination and yield of agricultural crops. Together with researchers, farmers and stakeholders, he co-designs sustainable climate-resilient cropping systems that build on ecosystem services provided by wild and managed biodiversity. Find out more here about the research team he leads

Dr. Luis Lassaletta
CEIGRAM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Spain

Luis Lassaletta is a researcher at CEIGRAM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). He has worked at universities and public institutions in Spain, France and the Netherlands. He studies the sustainability of agro-food systems connecting crop, livestock and food distribution systems from an integrative perspective. His work includes nutrient budgeting (N and P) and modelling approaches combining spatial, system  and temporal scales. He belongs to the European Nitrogen Experts Panel and is leading several international initiatives on NUE and nutrient budgets quantification.

Prof. Marta Wilton Pereira Leite de Vasconcelos 
Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), Portugal

Marta Vasconcelos holds a degree in Biology (Universidade de Lisboa) and a PhD in Biotechnology (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, International Rice Research Institute). She was an Associate Researcher at the Children´s Nutrition Research Center (Baylor College of Medicine, USA) for 5 years and is now the Deputy Director of the Center for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF) at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP), Assistant Professor at UCP and a Visiting Researcher at Universidade do Porto. She has a long track record in crop diversification, value chains, plant nutrition, and genetic resources. Currently, she coordinates the H2020 project RADIANT (Realizing Dynamic Value Chains for Underutilized Crops, 2021-2025)