University of Potsdam - Griebnitzsee

The curriculum of the Faculty of Law includes the basic and compulsory subjects for legal education. These include civil law, criminal law and public law. The main topics in research and teaching in Potsdam are the fundamentals of law, civil law, business law, international law, public administration, and business, tax and environmental criminal law. Further education and training courses are offered for the municipal sector by the Kommunalwissenschaftliches Institut (Institute of Municipal Sciences) and for international relations by the MenschenRechtsZentrum (Human Rights Center).

A special institution at the Faculty of Law in Germany is the German-French Law Program, which is run in cooperation with the University of Paris-Nanterre/La Défense. In addition to an exchange program, it offers students the opportunity to complete a self-contained supplementary course of study in French law during their first two years of study at the University of Potsdam in addition to the standard German law course. This part of the teaching is done in French by French guest lecturers from the partner university.

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