University of Potsdam - Griebnitzsee

ESA 2022 takes place at the Griebnitzsee Campus of the University of Potsdam. It is located on the railway line from Potsdam to Berlin. Since 1991, the Campus has been the home of the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and the Digital Engineering Faculty of the University of Potsdam.

Address from the Griebnitzsee Campus:

Universität Potsdam Griebnitzsee - Haus 6   August-Bebel-Str. 89   14482 Potsdam

How to get to the University of Potsdam - Griebnitzsee?

Public transport:

The venue of ESA Congress 2022 is located very close to the station Griebnitzsee Bhf.

Plan your journey on public transport in Potsdam and Berlin: - Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg | VBB

Ticket fares for public transport in Potsdam and Berlin: Tickets | VBB

Additional transport options:

The Potsdam Tourist Office provides more information on bike-sharing in the city.

BVG - Berlin's public transport services provide information and apps for mobility within Berlin, including additional options like E-scooters, bike-sharing or ride-sharing.